Hysteresis is a

philosophy of life

Where risk becomes the driving force.

Adrenaline is fuel,

The goal: aspire to reach the top,

The road: unprecedented paths

Hysteresis es fruto de una filosofía de vida,

En la que el riesgo se convierte en el motor

La adrenalina en el carburante

La meta: en aspirar a lo más alto.

La vía: los caminos inauditos.


¿‘Isteresis’? ¿’Istéresis’? ¿Jisteresis?

Since we were born we realized that few people are able to pronounce our brand correctly. And it’s fun, even though it’s actually ‘hysteresis’. We wanted to make a customizable product and we let you choose even the name! Others have associated the brand with the name ‘hysteria’, that is, what the dictionary defines as a nervous overexcitation generated by a strange situation. And those who live their lifes with excitation, takings risks have seen in Hysteresis its reflection. A little further, there have been those who have thrown a question into the air …

Where did they get this name?

And, with no intention of disappointing, we admit that it was not a brainstorming, it was the fruit of a conviction and a coherence.

Sometimes there are names that have nothing behind. Other brands, we prefer to hide a piece of philosophy of life in every corner. Because the cycle of hysteresis, a magnetic phenomenon, explains that “the state depends on a previous history, but that if the behaviors are reversed it leads to not returning to the initial situation”.

In the end, with it, it is a shout to the hope of living. To change continuously, to experience, to overcome fears and to achieve dreams. Life is too long to always do the same. If you decide to join the revolution, count on us.


Be your eyes, at risk and in fun, with the latest technology, thinking about making life easier.


We want to become a point of reference for snow optics. Through quality and customizable products we want to grow with your choice.


Dare with another life model and make the difference.


  • Be more than just a spectator, immerse yourself in the adventure
  • Keep going. Never give up. Never stop
  • Conquer a black run without stopping
  • Make 50 ft. leap and really learn what it means to fly
  • Drink the whole ocean dry if you have to, until you learn to ride it with a board
  • Climb to the top of a mountain and discover what it feels like to be the “king of the world.”
  • Attack the slopes until you conquer them



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