The Magnetlock interchangeable lens technology allows for a quick and seamless lens change when needed. In less than 2 seconds you can make the change and continue enjoying the day without any visibility problems.

If the sun goes down mid-morning and you can’t see further than 2 meters…

  1. Without removing the mask from your face, using both hands, extract the lens simply by pulling it outwards.
  2. Take the new lens, place it near the mask and the magnets will do the rest of the work.
  3. You will hear a “click” and the lens will be fully locked into the frame.

This extremely simple process will ensure your ski and snow days don’t end earlier than expected.

Important note: Be careful when placing / removing the lenses, in order to prevent scratching or damaging them. Always keep them in the corresponding soft pounch.


La tecnología Magnetlock de lentes intercambiables nos permitirá, de forma ultra-rápida, cambiar las lentes según las condiciones de luz que haya en cada momento. En menos de 2 segundos  pasos podrás realizar el cambio de lente y seguir disfrutando del día sin ningún problema de visibilidad.

Que a media mañana el sol se esconde y no vemos más allá de 2 metros…

  1. Sin sacarnos la máscara de la cara, con las dos manos extraemos la lente hacia fuera, mediante tracción.
  2. Cogemos la nueva lente y la aproximamos a la máscara, los imanes ya harán su trabajo.
  3. Oiremos un clic y la lente estará totalmente encajada en el marco.

Un proceso muy sencillo que hará que tus jornadas se esquí y snow no acaben antes de lo previsto.

Nota importante: Ten cuidado al colocar/extraer las lentes, evitando arañar o deteriorar la misma. Siempre guardar en la funda correspondiente.





Hysteresis ski lenses are made from the best materials available, which have been treated with photochromic technology to deliver the best possible vision in any condition.

Our lenses feature total protection, which blocks 100% of all UV radiation.This technology provides an unprecedented control of light transmission unveiling precise colors, maximizing contrast and improving visibility.
Magnet ski lenses are available in a wide range of colors and filters, in order to ensure optimal vision in all light conditions.


 Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is the percentage of light that an object can let pass through it (in this case, lenses).

  • A higher VLT percentage means the lens is clearer and it will let in more light. Ideal for cloudy days with poor light conditions.
  • A lower VLT percentage means the lens is darker so it will allow less light through. Ideal for sunny days with high brightness.

Important note: Be careful when using clear lenses on sunny days, the high level of light that the lens let in could affect your vision. Use the correct lens for every occasion.

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