Ski goggles with interchangeable lenses. Mechanical lenses system with extraction of the lens through 6 anchorages by pressure. Thanks to the interchangeable lens system, the Polar Silver will allow us to adapt to any weather conditions giving us perfect visibility while protecting our eyes at all time.

  • Frames with brilliant white finish
  • Non-Slip strap
  • Triple foam layer
  • High resistance against impacts.

Included lenses: 

Silver mirror  |    VLT 15    |   Cloudy

  • 100% Anti-Fog
  • Total UV400 protection
  • Interchangeable lenses using mechanical system
  • Treated with contrast generator



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This pack includes:

Lens + frame + strap

Extra lens


Soft pouch

Protective box

We are introducing the new Hysteresis POLAR ski and snow goggle collection. Featuring masks for adventures in the snow with interchangeable lenses that will help you adapt to the environment and enjoy the best view in all weather conditions.  

The mountain is one of the places where the greatest number of unexpected weather conditions can occur, from direct sunlight reflected in glacial ice, to snowstorms and thick fog, the variance is extreme and no single lens tint can provide optimal performance for all situations.

Polar technology offers the most elegant and quickest solution on the market. Just extract the lens frontally with one hand and press in the same way to install any alternative lens color you need.

Simply remove the lens from the frame and unclip all the anchor points of the lens with the frame, 6 in total. To install the other lens, begin the fixing process through the nose area and gradually continue pressing on the different anchor points to attach the lens to the frame.

There are several additional lenses, so no matter what the mountain has prepared for you, you can adapt to lighting changes and maximize your performance and safety.

Polar goggles are optimized mainly for small or intermediate faces, ideal for children or girls who do not want too large goggles. The frame design with lightweight and resistant materials results in a flexible chassis that eliminates pressure in the nasal area and maximizes airflow, eliminating the risk of fogging.


  • Interchangeable lenses system
  • Flexible frame to fit lenses
  • Triple foam layer to ensure optimal fit and absorb humidity
  • Adjustable head strap using 2 buckles
  • Triple non-slip silicon layer in all straps



  • Lenses coated with anti-fog technology
  • 100% protection against UVA/UVB/UVC rays
  • Mirror effect on all lenses with low VLT level (high/medium luminosity)
  • Unprecedented control over light transmission maximizing contrast and improving visibility

We’ve managed to offer you a ventilation system unique in its field. Incorporating vents in strategic locations to increase air flow and ensure that fog will never again be a problem.


There are many things to consider, but the most important is protection. Our eyes are very vulnerable to the sun’s rays, which is why our protective lenses feature 100% UVA / B / C protection and have the CE certificate.


All our lenses have been manufactured with a spherical structure to ensure the widest field of vision on the market, 180º vision, which will allow you to control everything around you at all times.


Our lenses incorporate the latest technology to control light transmission and glare reduction. The result is a precise visualization of colors, maximizing contrast and improving visibility.


The dimensions of our masks allow for the use of prescription glasses underneath. The triple layer of foam makes it possible to use prescription glasses under the mask in total comfort.


Our triple silicone layer added to the strap ensures maximum grip on hat or helmet. The strap will not move an inch from where you initially placed it. Comfort and adjustability are two key components; this is why the double strap system will allow us a perfect fit to achieve the ideal position of our mask.


Hysteresis goggles are made with top quality materials to give you the best experience on the market. We believe that in order to bring you the best mask, we must perform rigorous testing under the worst possible conditions. Therefore our masks have been designed, tested and tried under every adverse element in order to ensure that we offer you the best product!

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